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I first read Carol Shields in 2003 (with Unless), then read a few of the novels and short-story collections published right before. After that I moved further backwards in time, to her first two novels, with plans to read all of her one day. Until this week, I hadnt picked her up since late 2008. While her third novel is not as good as the others Ive read by her, its still worthwhile, especially if you are a Shields fan.I enjoyed the dated aspects of this novel set in 1970s Chicago, though while Im sure theres a Chicago man who loved the Green Bay Packers at that time, I dont think hed call a game in January between the Packers and the Chicago Bears a post-season special. I know Shields lived in Canada for most of her adult life, but I would guess thats not a term in Canadian football either. I also know the Packers and Bears have rarely played each other in January in the post-season, and certainly not in the 70s, so that made me kind of cringe too. The ending especially has elements that will later develop into pure Shields, humor and wit, even lovely thoughts, but the reader knows that Shields is not overly optimistic, as theres a alarming nod to a new issue of the times that certainly this historian father will have to deal with shortly, though he is clueless and even happy about it as the story ends.Shields published A Fairly Conventional Woman shortly after this which tells the wifes story of the same week. The two novels were later collected in one volume called Happenstance: Two Novels in One About a Marriage in Transition. My library has neither the wifes story nor the two-in-one, so Im off to find a used copy now.

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